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We are Green tech carpet cleaning service providers to the Los angeles county area!Did you know that by professionally cleaning your carpet regularly; it is crucial in maintaining the appearance of your carpet; you are extending the life of your carpet and not to mention improving the air quality within your home. It goes over many home owners heads that their carpets are act almost as filters; collecting all kinds of nasty things like soil, dander from pets, dust mites and a whole bunch of other allergens! Although regular vacuuming is important, it just isn't enough in removing all of the soil that is deeply embedded inside your carpet that gets attached onto the carpet fibers. All of this trapped dirt is abrasive and it is scratching and damaging your carpet causing it to wear out prematurely. By having a professional carpet cleaning done, by a trusted company such as ours, we can remove this soil that is embedded within the depths of your carpet!
Give us a call to inquire about your next cleaning services!One of our friendly call-center staff is ready to help you schedule your next service! Here at Greentech carpet care we only use the most effective methods in carpet cleaning and is actually recommended by many carpet manufacturers around the world; hot water extraction. This is also commonly known as "Steam Cleaning". By applying a safe and effective conditioning agent onto your carpet in the areas which need to be cleaned he bond between soil and carpet fibers is broken. Both soil and cleaning agents are then completely rinsed away using our steam cleaning systems. Our method and system does not leave that sticky residue other carpet cleaning services seem to leave onto your carpet. As a result; your carpet is now clean, soft, has a fresh smell to it and contributes to a much healthier home! A healthier body starts in the home and with a carpet cleaning service you can begin this journey to health. Our agents are non-toxic, organic compounds which are environmentally safe. We are a earth conscious company whom believes in the preserving the earth in any way we can.

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With our systems; they are powerful enough in removing a significant amount of moisture; leaving your carpet feeling slightly damn and not soaked! Typical drying time is a few hours, but it is not uncommon for your carpet to be completely dry is as few as an hour, depending on the type and texture of your carpet.Here at Green tech carpet care, it is our mission to provide to you, our valued customer, the most outstanding customer service you've ever experienced! Once you give our services a try; we are positive that you will call us for your future cleaning service needs.Be sure to call us at 424-785-0972 to set up your next service appointment Our operators are on stand-by 24/7 ready and waiting to assist you with your call. We will do everything in our power to provide you with the ultimate customer service experience and carpet cleaning experience; satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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